BICS Essay Contest

Life After Death Essay Contest Honorable Mentions

After the winners and runners-up had been chosen by the judges, there remained a significant number of high-quality essays that the judges continued to champion. At that stage, it was decided to create an Honorable Mentions category for another fifteen essays. Robert Bigelow then decided to award each essay author(s) $20,000, adding an additional $300,000 in prize money. This generous act brought the total prize money for all twenty-nine essays to $1,800,000, arguably an unprecedented level of financial support for this field of research.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter

Helane Wahbeh

Arnaud Delorme, Ph.D., 

Dean Radin, Ph.D.,
Helané Wahbeh, N.D., M.C.R.

Peter Fenwick

Peter Fenwick, M.D., 

Pier-Francesco Moretti, Ph.D.,
Vasileios Basios, Ph.D., Martin Redfern

Chris Roe

Chris A. Roe, Ph.D.,

Callum E. Cooper, Ph.D.,
David Lorimer, M.A, Evelyn Elsaesser

Prize Money
Honorable Mentions